6 August 2018 – The State has served us with a no&#...

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6 August 2018 - GOSA has been invited down to Parliamen...

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Updated: 10/24/2018 10:54:11 AM

So what is this court case about

    As many of you are aware GOSA has been working on having the renewal of licenses under the FCA scrapped for years now - this was the main reason we rushed to the Constitutional Court in February… and emerged as the only pro-gun winners in that the ConCourt refused to deal with the broad principle of relicensing. Our argument is that relicensing is impossible in the South African context, and you simply cannot enforce a law that is impossible to enforce.

    Well, the Constitutional Court judgement of 7 June has presented us with the ideal opportunity to take our argument forward. By delivering an unjust and unwise judgement the Justices criminalised the owners of 437 000 firearms… purely because their licence had lapsed, regardless of the reason therefore. On the 14th of June we organised and attended a snap (unscheduled) debate in the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Police, and the Members of Parliament put several probing questions to the SAPS management. As a direct result of that the Divisional Commissioner for Visible Policing, Lt General Masemole, was sent out of the meeting to consult with me. He requested that GOSA's counsel immediately contact SAPS' counsel before they could issue the expected National Directive.

    We did so, and spent the next weeks negotiating with them… in fact, we are still negotiating with them, and so no National Directive has yet been issued.

    Despite this, however, several Provincial SAPS offices, and even local DFOs started issuing demands for people with expired licences to surrender their firearms or face arrest!

    GOSA has applied to interdict the SAPS from proceeding to harass and threaten expired licence-holders, and for the High Court to declare an extension of the validity of the expired licences until such time as our full application to extend the period of validity of all licences to the lifetime of the licence holder is heard.

    THIS is the medicine for the current illness… and will be the foundational step on the route to licence the person, register the firearm… our long-term goal!

    So, even if you do not have an expired licence, this issue is absolutely central to GOSA's entire strategy.

    But we need your assistance. We need to raise approximately a million rands to get this through court. Over the last week and a bit (since applying for the interdict) we have raised about R150K. We are far short of our target.

    We have made it as easy as possible to contribute… Click here DONATE NOW! , it the easiest and cheapest way for you to support us. Please do.

    Our mandate is clear:

    Ensure that the CFR sticks to it's mandate
    Transparency in firearms legislation
    Equal treatment before the law
    Reasonable and Rational Licencing requirements

    GOSA - We fight for YOU


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