GOSA is growing - and we need YOU

10 January 2015

GOSA is growing and here's why we need YOUR support.


 Every day there's another onslaught against the legally armed community of South Africa. Whether it's the CFR not sticking to their mandate of service delivery or trying to bend the stipulations of the FCA to political agendas. 

Faced with this, the only rational option is representation at National Level of the needs and rights of the responsible firearm owners around the country. To achieve this, we need HUGE numbers to push the representation and ensure that our needs are not marginalised. Make no mistake, we're up against serious governmental opposition to private firearm ownership, statistics that lack credibility and are pushed by GFSA - and if that's not enough, we have a media that just isn't savvy about firearm ownership in South Africa at all. 

Mobilising resources on a national scale is not a cheap exercise and neither is the legal representation that we need to fight for our rights. The reality is that if we do not take up that fight now - it will be too late. 

Whether you join as a R100 annual member to get the numbers up in terms of representation or as a Silver member to REALLY get benefits and help drive the project - we need you and we need you now!

Join Team GOSA today - to fight for our rights tomorrow

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Our mandate is clear:

Ensure that the CFR sticks to it's mandate
Transparency in firearms legislation
Equal treatment before the law 
Reasonable and Rational Licencing requirements

GOSA - We fight for YOU

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