How safe is your firearm

09 January 2015

There are safes, and then there are gun safes. 

One of the stipulations of the FCA is that the safe in which your weapon is stored conforms to minimum requirements. These requirements are well outlined in the act in terms of steel thickness and locking mechanism as well as the manner in which it's installed.

It behooves each firearm owner to ensure that his safe meets the minimum standards and is securely mounted - but it doesn't stop there. I have seen many responsible owners who keep their firearms in digital safes. You know the kind, they have a lovely little 007 like keypad on the front with a secret code and all. What the manufacturers don't point out is that unless clearly indicated - it's a valuable safe and NOT a gun safe. The locking mechanisms are easily bypassed on the vast majority of these. Not all of course, but certainly the cheapies we see floating around in SA. Those are small valuable safes and meant for storage of cash and passports - not weapons. 

Take the time to check and ensure that your safe is compliant with the act. Ensure that ONLY you have access to the key at all times. That means not leaving the keys lying on a desk, accessible in the house to others etc. Yes, it's tricky but it's definately doable. Nobody should ever have access to that safe except for the owner of the firearm in it. 


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