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GOSA Administrator/ Web Dev team. We're passionate volunteers who want to see GOSA grow and flourish to protect our rights

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GOSA Representing

Gun Owners South Africa (GOSA) says it's willing to help the police and government rid the streets of unlicensed firearms by reducing the burden on the authorities to manage the firearms registry.

GOSA at the SA Nationals

If you are a South African who lawfully owns a firearm, you are us... and we are you.

Many of my friends have asked me if they should buy firearms for personal defence. It's actually not an uncommon question for anyone who carries a self defence weapon.

Membership Drive 2016

We're on the trail for new members. A mammoth task still lies ahead of us in achieving a war chest with which we can fund and fight amendments to the FCA that affect your rights. Here's what we need

Carrying Empty Chamber

By Harold F. Callahan*

When I was still pretty newly out of Police College, I could tell the level of my Warrant Officer’s authority by the size of his moustache and that look in his eye that said, “Blougat! As jy hier gaan rondfok sal ek jou soooharddonner you maa gaan dit voel!” 

Another GOSA Success

GOSA has achieved a noteworthy victory for licenced firearm owners around the country. 

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Our mandate is clear:

Ensure that the CFR sticks to it's mandate
Transparency in firearms legislation
Equal treatment before the law 
Reasonable and Rational Licencing requirements

GOSA - We fight for YOU

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