GOSA Membership is as essential as life insurance! Are you covered?

GOSA Corporate /Club Membership

Due to popular demand, GOSA can offer your business or club, a tailor-made membership plan at a cost determined by your volumes and risk profile. The terms of service are based on the popular GOSA Gold Membership.


Service Offering includes:

GOSA is the largest non-profit gun rights organization in South Africa. With a team of 10, (office staff and external legal team), specialising in the application of firearm related cases, our mission is to fight for the rights of the South African public to bear firearms for sport as well as self-defence.
GOSA has been on the forefront in the representation of legal matters involving the use of firearms. GOSA has also been instrumental in the making of changes to the legislation of firearm ownership and use in South Africa. Most recently we have been amicus in the Fidelity case and successfully sued for the A4 licence printouts in 2022. As a result hundreds of thousands of South Africans are now able to receive their firearms before the licence cards are printed.
As a GOSA Member, you have access to legal advice and other services.
Our motivations and appeals are drafted by our external Firearms Specialist Attorney with the assistance of our in-house counsel who is on standby 24x7 for calls relating to the legal aspect of the organization.
GOSA has built up a substantial relationship with the SAPS , both CFR and DFOs . We assist the public and members with SAPS follow ups on overdue firearm applications and competencies.
GOSA has a very active Facebook group of about 120,000 members, where all members and non members can engage and interact.
GOSA is not a call centre hoping to gain members for monetary purposes. We serve all members with a common purpose regardless of whether they are paying members or not, however, paid membership adds benefits at discounted prices. We offer a personalised experience and the work we have done has never been for profit and statistics. We have a proven track record of all our successful work and our members are happy with our services.
Please refer to the T&C’s on the Member benefits at

 Our process is as follows:
  1. Applicant supplies GOSA as much information as relevant by completing this document and returning to membership@gosa.co.za
  2. GOSA will prepare a quotation and present it to the club/business.
  3. Client accepts the GOSA Proposal
  4. A contract detailing the Service Levels (SLA), client contact details, clients listed members/or firearms on contract, and all other relevant details pertaining to the services to be delivered will be clearly defined.
  5. Applicant completes and signs Mandate using the form below or the online Mandate form (Please return in Word format)
  6. Payments: The rates are calculated on an annual upfront payment, or alternatively, monthly payments can be arranged, (there is a three (3) month waiting period before benefits become effective in the case of monthly payments).
  7. Membership runs for a calendar year from date of joining till cancellation is received.
  8. GOSA will prepare a payment plan. ( Invoicing annual or monthly)
  9. Applicant makes payment using the invoice number or contract number.
  10. Applicant supplies Proof of Payment to membership@gosa.co.za
  11. GOSA begins the Service Contract
  12. Client updates GOSA of any additions/deletions prior to the service extension.
  13. Cancellation occurs 30 days from receipt of an official request for cancellation and a confirmation from GOSA.

Note: All correspondence to be dealt with at membership@gosa.co.za

Applicant’s details.
PLEASE NOTE:  GOSA is dependant on information received from the client as Uberrima fides (utmost good faith)  Failure to comply will invalidate the terms of this contract.
Legal Fund Donations
R1 000 000.00
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GOSA Membership is as essential as life insurance! Are you covered?