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Recognising the need within the firearm community for a collaborative platform, ATF Online was established in 2021 to support license applicants, dealers, and industry associations with the management of data, registers, and the application and renewal processes.

ATF Online supports the rights of lawful gun owners and related service providers and aims to smooth the administrative burden pertaining to firearm ownership and contribute to a positive experience of gun ownership.

The platform is safe and secure and keeps your information private while assisting you in generating pre-populated forms for submission to your DFO and CFR.

REGISTER FOR FREE – Charges are only applicable when services are used.

The portal uses information captured by individuals, dealers, competency centres and other associations to automate the population of the application forms required to ensure licenses are valid and current.

In system reminders are used to prompt individuals and businesses when a particular license is about to expire and needs to be renewed.