GOSA Membership is as essential as life insurance! Are you covered?

Did you know that GOSA follows up on Competencies and license applications at the CFR?

This will not necessarily mean that your application will be finalised sooner, but it gives you peace of mind knowing what problems may be causing the delay and you will receive the best advice on what needs to be done to have your application move along the process again while we assist you every step of the way.

GOSA can assist you with the finalization of your firearms competency / license application or renewal by leveraging our relationship with the SAPS Firearms Registrar at a cost determined by your GOSA Membership type.

GOSA Membership Type Cost per Application
Non Member R650 (Includes Ordinary Membership)
Ordinary Member R500.00 per Application
Silver Member R425.00 per Application
Gold Member 1 Free application per year, thereafter R425.00 per Application
Diamond Member 1 Free per year, thereafter R425.00 per Application + 1x Free letter of demand
Please refer to the T&C’s on the Member benefits at https://gosaonline.co.za/

 Our process is as follows:

  1. Applicant supplies GOSA as much information as relevant below or by completing the document at the bottom of this page and return it by emailing issueswithcfr@gosa.co.za
  2. Applicant makes payment using the SAPS Reference number please !
  3. Applicant supplies Proof of Payment to GOSA
  4. Applicant completes and signs Mandate using the form below or the online form
  5. GOSA begins enquiry process
  6. GOSA updates applicant on a fortnightly basis.
Note: All correspondence to be dealt with at issueswithcfr@gosa.co.za

The enquiry process is as follows:

  1. GOSA will attend to 6 follow ups. Please note that CFR has 3 weeks to attend to an enquiry before we may submit any further follow-up enquiries;
  2. You may follow-up with the GOSA Call Centre after 3 weeks at Tel: 011 888 1355 to enquire on the progress of the application, thereafter fortnightly.
  3. Please advise us of any progress you may receive directly from the CFR help Desk
  4. In the event that the matter is not finalised during the course of the afore-said 6 attendances, we may refer you to our GOSA attorneys to bring a court application to compel CFR to finalise the matter.

PLEASE NOTE:  GOSA is dependant on information received by SAPS and we cannot guarantee any feedback on your application. This is merely a follow up service that ensures that the CFR finalise your application using our relationship with SAPS to finalise your application in the most efficient manner.

GOSA will attend to the aforesaid enquiry as soon as you can provide us with proof of payment of the enquiry fees. We have attached our banking details hereto for your convenience.

GOSA Bank Details

Bank Account Holder Gun Owners SA or GOSA
Branch: Northcliff
Branch Code: 253 705
Account Number: 627 595 466 60
Account Type: Business Account
Reference SAPS Reference number

Legal Fund Donations
R1 000 000.00
Updated: 5/8/2020 10:24:09 AM
GOSA Membership is as essential as life insurance! Are you covered?